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Wednesday Workshop


A relaxing hand-building workshop where creativity comes first.

Focused on making unique and personal pieces in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The goal of these workshops is to facilitate your ideas, practice your intuition and provide support in the process of making your very own piece.

The workshop includes all materials & kilns you need to finalise your pieces:

- Clay
- Pigments
- Tools
- 2 x Kilns

The glazing will be done by the studio for you after your piece has been

When: Wednesdays 19-21 PM
Where: Cosmos.CAC / Campolide Athelético Clube
Price: 40 €
Duration: 2 h
Including: Clay, Tools & Transparent Glaze, 2 x kilns.
How: Sign-Up by selecting a workshop date in the menu.
You will receive a confirmation email with further information & location details.

Pick-Up: Your piece will be ready to pick up after 30 days.
Pick-up days are Monday and Wednesday from 17.00-21.00.

✿ If your pieces are not picked up within 6-months your pieces will not be saved by studio.
✿ Cancelation due to absence/illness will unfortunately not be compensated with re-arranging class dates.
✿ Pieces can be collected after 30 days after workshop ends, before or during class hours on Mondays & Wednesdays. If not picked up within 6 months pieces will not be saved by the studio.
✿ If you are visiting Lisbon temporarily and want to take a workshop, shipping your pieces is possible but costs must be covered by student.